Tweak Your Redcat Racing GEN8 AXE Edition With These Three, Free Modifications

Tweak Your Redcat Racing GEN8 AXE Edition With These Three, Free Modifications

Redcat Racing has shared three ways you can tweak your GEN8 AXE Edition trail rig before your next outdoor adventure. From softening the stock tire foams to adjusting your BEC voltage, these are some easy ways you can tune the performance of your R/C crawler without opening your wallet.

1) Soften the Stock Tire Foams by Boiling Them in Water

The stock memory foam inserts on the GEN8 are notoriously firm. While they provide great support, they can take a while to break in and can even become more firm in cold-weather conditions.

The Redcat Racing team suggests dunking the stock foams in boiling water for around a minute to soften them up and improve their flexibility. Don’t forget to dry them out before re-installing them.

2) ”Tuck” the Bumpers for Improved Approach/Descent Angles

By removing a small segment of bumper post from both the front and rear bumpers, you can position the bumper further back and improve your incline approach and descent angle.

To perform this mod, simply locate the last screw hole for each bumper post and remove the material behind it. Once that’s done, position the bumper as far back as you can and re-insert the mounting screws.

3) Bump up the BEC Voltage on the AXE ESC

While the first two mods can be performed on any model of Redcat Racing GEN8, this last one is reserved for the AXE Edition and centers around the Hobbywing AXE ESC. Out of the box, the BEC voltage is set to 6.0V, however, you can increase this setting to 7.4V through the Hobbywing HW Link App.

After connecting the app to your ESC via Bluetooth, navigate to the appropriate settings area and make your adjustment.

See How It’s Done

If you want to see how these mods are done before trying them yourself, check out the latest installment of the Redcat University Tech Video Series.

Image credit: Redcat Racing