Traxxas Shares Tips for Turning the TRX-4 Sport into a "Comp" Contender

By: Tim Gluth

I love finding out what a radio-controlled vehicle can do right out of the box. Whether it's a car or truck, there's nothing better than unboxing a brand-new R/C machine and taking it out on a maiden voyage. Well, maybe there is something better... Cheap mods.

Inexpensive modifications that you can apply to a vehicle in a short amount of time are great. For one, they don't cost you any money, so your hobby budget is safe. Plus, there are several updates that you can do which are easily reversible, should you want to return your R/C machine to truck box-stock form.

Traxxas TRX-4 Sport Raised Bumper

Traxxas has shared some super-simple mods for their TRX-4 Sport, a trail rig that I've loved from the moment I first drove it. If you're looking to squeeze additional crawling performance out of your Sport, these tips should help you tweak your truck with better approach angles and stability.

Traxxas TRX-4 Comp-ready Modification Highlights:

  • Raising the bumpers (front and rear) and rock sliders
  • Trimming the TRX-4 Sport body
  • Weight distribution through battery placement options
  • Adding weight to the wheels
  • Swapping out the body and/or accessorizing

Since most of these upgrades involve modifying existing hardware and components, you shouldn't need to pour much money into adjusting your TRX-4 Sport. However, if you're looking for even more upgrade and customization options for this rig, check out my list of hop-ups and accessories for the TRX-4 lineup.

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Image credit: Traxxas

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