Trail Terror: Kyosho’s FO-XX 2.0 GP Nitro-powered Monster Buggy

Trail Terror: Kyosho’s FO-XX 2.0 GP Nitro-powered Monster Buggy

Fill up your nitro bottle and get ready to rip up the trail with Kyosho’s latest off-road monster buggy. Based on their FO-XX 2.0 VE Readyset, the FO-XX 2.0 GP offers the same styling and setup, but with a nitro-powered engine under the hood.

Featuring massive tires, a 5-link suspension setup, and an adjustable 3-speed transmission, the FO-XX 2.0 GP should be a blast to drive over trails, rocks, and just about anything else you can imagine. Powered by Kyosho’s KE25SP engine, there should be no shortage of power when it comes to this machine.

Kyosho Foxx 2 Fuel-powered - Chassis

Compared to the original FO-XX GP, this updated model replaces the smaller, paddle-tread tires for a set that are larger and knobbier. The overall look of the rig has been updated as well with a white, gray, and orange graphics package.

While this is a ready-to-run (RTR) model, you’ll need to supply batteries for the transmitter and receiver as well as a fuel bottle, plug heater, and nitro fuel.

Kyosho Foxx 2 Fuel-powered - Rear

Priced at $439.99, the Kyosho FO-XX 2.0 GP will be available online and through your favorite Kyosho dealers. Visit to learn more about this nitro-powered R/C monster truck.

Image credit: Kyosho