Time to Play Detective: What’s Behind Axial’s February 21 Release?

Time to Play Detective: What’s Behind Axial’s February 21 Release?

Well, what do we have here? Axial has been posting some teaser images on their Facebook page and stoking the interest of their fans regarding a future model release. It’s been a while since a new release has come from this scale R/C brand, so this news comes as a pleasant surprise to me.

The first set of teaser images/clues focus around electronics, as a 1300mah NiMh battery pack, a Spektrum STX2 radio and a USB charger. Alone, these items might not add up to much, but when you combine them and read between the lines, we may be looking at another small-scale model release, similar to the Axial Yeti Jr.

The second teaser centered around style and branding. Body line cues, the corporate colors of a “partner” and the vehicle’s overall styling are at the core of these three image snippets.

Based on comments and general scuttlebutt, there seems to be a strong feeling that we’ll see a 1/18-scale Can-Am side-by-side/UTV replica announced on February 21. This would be a cool addition to Axial’s lineup, not to mention an interesting one.

There have been many Yeti Jr. owners who have customized their small-scale off-road machines to look like UTVs, so perhaps this is a nod to that trend of modification. No matter what’s released, chances are it will be a fun addition to any R/C collection.

To stay on top of the details, check out Axial’s Facebook page.

Image credit: Axial