Load Up Your Tire Rack With These New Options From Duratrax

No matter what you run, Duratrax has a tire to keep you hooked up.

If you run a surface R/C vehicle, keeping the rubber-side down is crucial. What’s of even greater importance is ensuring that rubber gives you the grip you need to do what you need to do. Whether you’re going for the lead in an race or taking on a gnarly, rock-filled terrain, you need traction. Duratrax has rolled out a series of new tires for crawlers and dirt racers that will help you get the grip you need.

Scaler/Crawler Tires

Duratrax Scaler TiresWith four new pattern styles in both 1.9″ and 2.2″ sizes, these options will help you take on the trail with ease. These new tire options are available in both mounted and unmounted configurations.

Bandito SC/SC-M (Dirt Oval Tires)

Duratrax Bandito SC TiresDesigned to fit some of the most-popular short course trucks (SCT) on the market, the new Bandito line is designed to give you the edge on your competition during dirt competition. The Bandito SC and dirt oval racing-specific Bandito SC-M are available in C2 (soft) and C3 (super-soft) compounds. These tires include foam inserts and are sold in pairs.

Bandito and Lockup Buggy Tires

If buggies are your bread and butter, the new Bandito tires (available in C2 and C3 compounds) and mounted Lockup options (available in C2 compound) might be worth looking at. With unique tread patterns, these tires are designed for competition.

Learn more about these new tire options from Duratrax at duratrax.com.

Image credit: Duratrax