The Race (for 200 mph) is on!

The Race (for 200 mph) is on!

While things have been fairly quiet on the speed-run front as of late, it looks like business has picked up and will continue to rise in coming weeks.

Nic Case has set a blistering pace with a run of 196mph, breaking the mark he set earlier this year of 188. With a jump in speed of eight miles per hour, it seems very likely that he will see 200mph soon.

Friend and guest of the RC Newb Podcast, Tim Smith, has recently announced his own speed run attempt, planned in mid-July. With the amount of preparation, research, and overall devotion that goes into building these speed machines, my hat is off to both men for chasing this record and will applaud them for reaching it. It seems like only a matter of time at this point.

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