The ARRMA Granite Voltage Mega Brings Big Time RC Bashing on a Budget

The ARRMA Granite Voltage Mega Brings Big Time RC Bashing on a Budget

My personal “sweet spot” price for a radio-controlled vehicle hovers around the $150 to $200 range. While I’ll gladly pay more for a model (if the features are right), there’s something about staying below the $200 mark that appeals to me. If a budget R/C model that doesn’t skimp on fun, you should see what ARRMA has added to their lineup.

Following in the tire tracks of their first “Voltage” series model, the ARRMA Granite Voltage Mega. This new option is a 1/10-scale, two-wheel drive R/C monster truck which combines the traditional truck body style of the Granite Mega and Granite BLX with a low-cost (yet quick & durable) performance and chassis package.

ARRMA Granite Voltage - Outdoor Dirty

Two appearance options are available for the body, blue and black and red and black. No matter which option you choose, you’re bound to get a proven performer under the lid.

Powered by a 20-T brushed motor, the Granite Voltage Mega is capable of speeds nearing 25mph. While it’s not a speed demon, those estimates aren’t anything to sneeze at.

A three-in-one receiver, ESC, and servo controller system keep the internals of this truck clean and tidy. The overall chassis design appears to be laid-out well and doesn’t attempt to cram more components in than it can handle.

ARRMA Granite Voltage Mega SRS - Chassis

On the handling front, the ARRMA Granite Voltage Mega rides on dBoots tires which are mounted to seven-spoke wheels. Oil-filled shocks are also included with this model, allowing you to fine-tune the handling to fit your driving style.

The battery setup on this truck is rather unique, as smaller, Lithium-Ion batteries are used to power this 1/10-scale monster truck. While two batteries are included, you can install up to six to maximize your run time and speed potential.

ARRMA Granite Voltage - Side

ARRMA Granite Voltage Mega Specs:

  • SCALE: 1/10
  • MAX SPEED POSSIBLE: 25+mph / 40+km/h
  • POWER TYPE: Brushed
  • VEHICLE TYPE: Monster Truck
  • SURFACE: Off-road
  • LENGTH: 418mm / 16.46″
  • WHEELBASE: 285mm / 11.22″
  • RIDE HEIGHT: 41mm / 1.61″
  • FRONT WIDTH: 340mm / 13.39″
  • REAR WIDTH: 340mm / 13.39″
  • HEIGHT: 188mm / 7.4″
  • PRICE: $139.99

The ARRMA Granite Voltage Mega carries a price tag of $139.99. That’s well-within my personal sweet-spot range, and I’m guessing it’ll be an appealing factor to other hobbyists as well.

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Image credit: ARRMA