Teaser: Five New Models From Redcat Racing

Teaser: Five New Models From Redcat Racing

The folks at Redcat Racing threw out a huge teaser on their Facebook page, announcing that not one, not two, but five new models would be revealed…soon.

Availability for these mystery machines appears to be slated for the mid-to-last part of August, with August 1 being the unveiling date. Based on the silhouettes of the vehicles displayed, we could be seeing a larger-scale monster truck, a short course/desert truck, a rock racer/rock bouncer, and two more monster trucks.


After adjusting the brightness, contrast, and exposure of Redcat Racing’s original photo, a few more vehicle details are revealed, but they’re true identities remain a mystery.


Keep an eye on Redcat Racing’s social media channels and redcatracing.com on August 1 to see what these upcoming models end up looking like.

Image credit: Redcat Racing