Team Redcat TR-MT8E BE6S Monster Truck

Team Redcat TR-MT8E BE6S Monster Truck

Redcat Racing is adding yet another vehicle under their Team Redcat banner. The TR-MT8E BE6S monster truck is a ⅛-scale truck that is built for good times. Team Redcat vehicles carrier a slightly higher price than other Redcat Racing models, but you get some nice enhancements with that Increased cost.

An out-of-the-box upgraded version of the MT8E monster truck, the TR-MT8E BE6S features an assortment of aluminum components such as the gear box, battery fastener, and big-bore shocks. The upgrades don’t stop there. The included 150a Hobbywing Max 8 electronic speed control (ESC) is capable of handling 6S LiPo batteries and is also waterproof.

While there is another Team Redcat version of this vehicle (TR-MT8E), the added BE6S tag on thIs new model highlights the upgraded battery capabilities. It should be noted that a vehicle battery is not included and will need to be purchased separately.

While not currently available for purchase, the TR-MT8E BE6S monster truck is priced at $759.99. Learn more about this vehicle at

Image credit: Redcat Racing