Team Durango DEX410 V5

Team Durango DEX410 V5

Team Durango’s second updated radio-controlled racing buggy is the DEX410 V5. This 1/10 scale, 4-wheel drive racer is set up for flexibility and customization, allowing you to set up multiple motor and battery-mount configurations for optimal weight distribution and performance. For those of you that like to fine-tune and adjust, the customization opportunities don’t stop there.

With many of the same customizable aspects of its two-wheel drive cousin, the DEX210F, this 4wd version is equipped with a sliding motor mount, to help you make motor adjustments and gear mesh tweaks at the track (and with ease). A mixture of composite, carbon fiber, and aluminum parts throughout keep overall weight down, while maintaining a durable, battle-proof construction.

Team Durango DEX410V5 Chassis

As with the DEX210F, this 4-wheel drive variant also utilizes an aluminum chassis plate, multi-axle driveshafts, and options to run either 12mm or 14mm wheel hex hubs.

Team Durango DEX410V5 Battery Mounts

Priced at $449.99, the Team Durango DEX410 V5 is available for purchase at or at authorized dealers. Learn more about this new 4-wheel drive R/C racing buggy at Team Durango’s website.

Image credit: Team Durango