Team Durango DEX210F 2-Wheel Drive Buggy

Team Durango DEX210F 2-Wheel Drive Buggy

Keeping with the theme of new radio-controlled racing machines, Team Durango has two new buggies to whet your appetite for speed and competition. The first is their latest 2-wheel drive, 1/10 scale buggy, the DEX210F.

Built to handle any type of racing surface, this new buggy is set up with an array of adjustable and customizable aspects to suit whatever motor and electronics arrangement you choose to run.

Team Durango DEX210F Suspension

With a base aluminum chassis plate to help keep weight down, an easily-adjustable motor mount that gives you fine-tuning access to gear adjustments, a mixture of carbon fiber, composite material, and aluminum chassis and body-mount components that provide durability and aid in overall nimble performance, plus more, this is an attractive option for racers looking to get into something new (as well as those looking to get into the competitive arena of R/C machines).

Team Durango DEX210F Motor Mount

Priced at $379.99, the DEX210F is available for purchase at  Learn more or pick one up today and hit the track!

Image credit: Team Durango