Team Associated’s New On-road Racer: RC12 RC Factory Team Kit

Team Associated’s New On-road Racer: RC12 RC Factory Team Kit

If you’ve wanted to get your start in on-road R/C racing, Team Associated has a new model that might help you out. Their new RC12R6 Kit is a 1/12-scale, electric, 2-wheel drive racer which focuses its lightweight design on high on-track performance .

Starting from the ground up, the RC12R6 features an aluminum chassis as well as other aluminum internal components to keep the weight to a minimum. Graphite front suspension arms also serve to keep this low-slung race car as nimble as possible.

Team Associated RC12R6 - Front

A low center-of-gravity and wide wheels (not included) should keep this car planted in the corner and flying down the straightaways. The body design is sleek, evoking images of 1:1 sports cars and purpose-bred race cars.

Team Associated RC12R6 Factory Team Kit Specs

  • Power Source: Electric
  • Terrain: On-Road
  • Body Style: GT/GTP
  • Scale Size: 1:12 Scale
  • Assembly Level: Kit*
  • Length: 260.3mm (10.25in)
  • Width: varies
  • Wheelbase: varies
  • Weight: varies
  • Drive: 2WD

Team Associated RC12R6 - Chassis

With this being a kit, there are additional items required Before you complete your build and hit the track.

  • RC 2-channel surface frequency radio system
  • R.O.A.R.-approved 3.7V LiPo battery
  • Battery charger (peak detection charger recommended)
  • Electronic speed control
  • RC electric motor
  • Steering servo for 1:12 scale
  • Pinion gear, 64 pitch
  • 1:12 scale body
  • Paint for body
  • Wheels
  • Tires
  • Glue for wheels and tires
  • Tools (various)

Priced at $235.99, the RC12R6 can be purchased online and at your local Team Associated dealer. Learn more about this 1/12-scale, on-road racer at

Image credit: Team Associated