Team Associated RC10B6.2D Competition Buggy Kit

Team Associated RC10B6.2D Competition Buggy Kit

Alongside their RC10B6.2 Team Kit, Team Associated has released the RC10B6.2D Team Kit, offering its latest advancements for clay and dirt racers. Focusing on weight distribution for improved handling, this kit provides hours of track-tested performance all in one package.

Designed with both laydown and lay-back transmissions in mind, the B6.2D kit can be customized to suit your needs when it comes to chassis assembly and tuning. The kit features updated rear suspension arms, bolt-on +1 steering block arms, a revised rear hub assembly, new front wing mounting hardware, and much more.

Team Associated RC10B6.2D - Chassis Top

The body design has also been refined to lower the center of mass, keeping as much of the buggy’s weight as close to the track as possible.

Priced at $339.99, the RC10B6.2D Team Kit will be available directly through Team Associated and also through their dealers. Visit to learn more about this off-road R/C buggy kit.

Image credit: Team Associated