Tamiya TA07 MS On-road Chassis Kit

Tamiya TA07 MS On-road Chassis Kit

If your hobby dreams involve hitting the open road (or a closed-course circuit), Tamiya has released a new on-road kit to help you get up to speed. The TA07 MS Chassis Kit is the continuation of the TA07 line and offers a number of higher-end parts and design considerations, all focused on giving you a truly high-performing R/C car.

Among the highlights of the TA07 MS kit are a carbon fiber lower chassis deck, blue anodized aluminum chassis components, and a belt-driven, four-wheel-drive system. This kit borrows the selectable (3-position) motor mounting setup from the TA07 PRO, allowing you to tune your build and chassis setup to meet your needs.

To complete this kit build, you’ll need to supply a radio system, steering servo, ESC, motor, batteries (for the radio transmitter and car model), a battery charger, tires, and a 190mm body.

The Tamiya TA07 MS chassis kit is priced at $683.90 and is available directly through Tamiya as well as their dealers. Visit tamiyausa.com to learn more about this on-road R/C car kit.

Image credit: Tamiya