Tamiya RCE Raikiri GT Nitro On-Road Car

Tamiya RCE Raikiri GT Nitro On-Road Car

Do you love the sensory overload that a nitro R/C car can give you? From the sound of the engine to the aroma of the fuel, gas and nitro-powered radio-controlled cars are truly unique beasts. Tamiya has announced a new, on-road, nitro-powered kit; the RCE Raikiri GT.

Cloaked in a sleek body, this model is based on Tamiya’s Mk.2 FZ chassis and features a number of tunable options to help you get this car dialed in to meet your driving needs.

Tamiya RCE Raikiri GT Nitro Specs:

  • Length: 430 mm
  • Width: 204 mm
  • Height: 107 mm
  • Wheelbase: 257 mm
  • Tread: (F/R) 172 to 176 mm (variable)
  • Diff gear method: (F/R) 4 bevel
  • Steering tie rod: 3 divisions Suspension: (F/R) double wishbone Shocks:
  • CVA oil damper
  • Gear ratio: 1st/2nd speed 7.02: 1 / 5.42: 1
  • Muffler: TM-8
  • Tire size: (Width/Diameter) F/R = 24/65
  • Drive system: Shaft drive, Full-time 4WD
  • Engine: FS-12FZ (2.1cc)
  • Fuel tank: 75cc

Priced at $498.99, this kit will be available directly from Tamiya soon. Visit tamiya.com to learn more about this nitro-powered R/C car kit.

Image credit: Tamiya