Tamiya Comical Hornet 1/10-scale Buggy

Tamiya Comical Hornet 1/10-scale Buggy

Has the urge to build a kit hit you yet? If not, perhaps this unique take on a classic R/C buggy will kick start your creativity. Tamiya is following up the release of their 1/10-scale Comical Grasshopper kit with a similar take on the Hornet.

The Comical Hornet may feature cartoonish body features, but under the lid, it’s ready to perform. Powered by a 540-size brushed motor, this buggy should have no problem getting up to speed and kicking up dust.

Tamiya Comical Hornet Illustration

As far as looks go, the classic style of the original Hornet shows through in this Comical version. Simply paint the clear polycarbonate body and wing black, apply decals and mount up the orange and white wheels and you’ll have a unique replica to add to your R/C collection.

Since this is a kit model there are a number of items required to complete the build, including a 2.4GHz radio system (transmitter and receiver), battery and battery charger, steering servo, and polycarbonate paint.

Tamiya Comical Hornet Specs:

  • Length: 356mm
  • Width: 244mm
  • Wheelbase: 170mm
  • Shocks: Oil-filled
  • Motor: Brushed, 540-size

Priced at $223.00, the Tamiya Comical Hornet will be available online and through Tamiya dealers. Visit tamiyausa.com to learn more about this R/C buggy model.

Image credit: Tamiya