T-Bone Racing Takes a “STAND” for 1/10-scale+ R/C Vehicles

T-Bone Racing Takes a “STAND” for 1/10-scale+ R/C Vehicles

A compact workspace whether you’re wrenching at home or at the track.

Known for their go-fast, R/C bashing armor, T-Bone Racing is offering up a tool to make maintaining and upgrading your radio-controlled vehicle easier. Their appropriately-named “The STAND” is a customizable, collapsible workstand that you can use just about anywhere on just about any mid-to-large-scale R/C machine.

Made from durable materials, this portable work stand should help you get the job done, whether you’re prepping for a weekend of bashing at home or at the track in the midst of battle.

T-Bone Racing The STAND - Underside

In its fully-extended form, The STAND is 6 3/8″ tall and can be reduced to 2 1/2″ when the legs are folded in. Larger-scale vehicles and monster trucks can take advantage of the full height of this workstand, while competition buggies and on-road models can utilize the compact layout.

While the height can change, the surface area of this tool remains the same. With a length of 12″ and a width of 5″, T-Bone Racing’s The STAND can accommodate a wide array of radio-controlled vehicles.

T-Bone Racing The STAND - On-road

A special version of The STAND has been developed for the Traxxas X-Maxx and includes two side plates to assist with leveling the vehicle.

T-Bone Racing The STAND - ARRMA Outcast

With a price starting at $49.99 ($54.99 for their X-Maxx STAND), The STAND is available for purchase direct from the T-Bone Racing website. Visit tboneracing.net to learn more about this handy tool for your R/C workbench.

Image credit: T-Bone Racing