Supercharge Your Speed with These Tips from Traxxas

Supercharge Your Speed with These Tips from Traxxas

Building speed into any radio-controlled vehicle can be a relatively simple, and sometimes low-cost way to extend the  life, and fun, of your machine. As your skills evolve and grow, so does the desire for more power and increased performance.

Traxxas, a brand that features a variety of on-and-off-road R/C machines, not only produces a lineup of vehicles for a wide-range of skill levels, but they also support a solid upgrade path for their fleet as well.

If you own a Traxxas Slash, Stampede, Rustler, or Bandit, and have the desire to wring more speed out of your setup, then you’re in luck. Traxxas has created a one-stop shop and video guide to help you do just that.

From gear and suspension upgrades to batteries, electronic speed controls (ESCs) and motors, Traxxas has an array of hop-ups and tweaks to step up the speed on any of their vehicles.

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Image credit: Traxxas