Spektrum Releases the 12-channel IX12 Air Transmitter

Spektrum Releases the 12-channel IX12 Air Transmitter

Touchscreen enabled, and Android-powered, the IX12 is a R/C radio for the next generation of pilot.

Mobile device technology has made plenty of advancements in recent year, with full-color touchscreens becoming the norm for many of our everyday devices. That tech has also made its way onto a variety of R/C radios and transmitter, enhancing the way we interact, tune, and modify settings and receive feedback. Spektrum’s latest aircraft radio, the 12-channel, IX12 combines an Android-powered interface, WiFi connectivity, and BlueTooth to provide a powerful piloting system.

Featuring a twin-stick design, the IX12’s biggest visual feature is the 4-inch display screen which takes up the bottom half of the transmitter face. Powered by the Android operating system, this display is capable of providing an array of radio settings, searching for and installing third-party apps, and giving you a readout on what your R/C aircraft is up to.

Spektrum iX12 Transmitter - Closeup

With 250-model memory, you can program your entire hangar of radio-controlled planes, helis, and quadcopters into this device and (possibly) have room left over. When you pair this new transmitter with a telemetry-equipped receiver (such as the AR9030T), you can tap into real-time telemetry when you’re in the air or prepping for takeoff.

The Spektrum IX12 is priced at $599.99 for the standalone transmitter and $699.99 when paired with an AR9030T receiver. Both of these packages can be bought online at spektrumrc.com or horizonhobby.com.

Image credit: Spektrum