Spektrum Introduces Smart Technology Batteries and Chargers

By: Tim Gluth

Keeping your R/C car, truck, or aircraft powered up is, on the surface, a relatively simple task. There are a fair number of items to keep in mind, however, to ensure long battery life and use. Spektrum has unveiled their Smart Technology line of LiPo packs and chargers, which aim at taking some of the guesswork out of charging and maintaining your battery packs.

Similar to the Traxxas iD battery and charger system, Spektrum's Smart Technology products utilize an embedded microchip which communicates detailed information to the charging unit, allowing for an effortless plug-and-charge experience. Included in this tech overhaul are new IC3 and IC5 connector types. These are backward-compatible with EC3 and EC5 connectors so you can use older battery packs with the new Smart Technology chargers, minus the "smart" aspect.

Along with the charging benefits, battery packs can be programmed to discharge to a specific storage level, helping to maintain the overall life and longevity of the battery. An array of LiPo battery packs with Smart Technology are available, along with four new battery chargers.

For quadcopter pilots, two portable, micro 1S 4 and 6-port charging stations have been introduced, allowing for easy battery charging and re-charging while out and about. If you need to charge a "standard-size" battery pack for your radio-controlled car, truck, or airplane/heli, there are two charger options to help you out there as well.

To provide power to these charging stations, a 30-amp/540W Spektrum Smart Technology power supply can connect to any of these new items to keep your charging process running smooth.

Visit spektrumrc.com to learn more about this new suite of batteries and chargers. 

Image credit: Spektrum

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