Something borrowed, something new for Axial’s SCX10 Line – Deadbolt

Something borrowed, something new for Axial’s SCX10 Line – Deadbolt

As I’ve gotten familiar with Axial over the past year, I’ve noticed they like to add onto existing vehicle lines rather than create new categories. There’s nothing wrong with that, in fact, Traxxas has done quite well with that approach. The nice thing about expanding off of an existing model line is that you can keep aspects that are tried-and-true and add upgraded elements along the way.

The newest R/C vehicle in Axial’s growing stable is the SCX10 Deadbolt.  If that names rings a bell, it should.  The Deadbolt, introduced in late-2013 under the AX10 model line, is a neat-looking vehicle that is a true basher through-and-through.  With the Deadbolt name and body-style now moving to the seemingly bulletproof SCX10 line, hobbyists can take that bashing thrill to the trail.

Like the recently-released SCX10 C/R RTR, this variant keeps a majority of what makes the SCX10 line so great. Rugged, hardened steel axels, WB8 HD Wildboar™ driveshafts (featuring an updated design), and a reliable 27-turn brushed motor, you know you’ll get a machine that can take whatever you can dish out.

The open-air, caged body of the Deadbolt is great for trail running as well as driving around your back yard or local park. It offers plenty of scale upgrade opportunities and also comes with a LED lightbar set (minus the LED lights).  The front bumper also allows for LED light mounting with pre-drilled holes.


  • Wheelbase – 12.3″ (313mm)
  • Length- 21.25″ (540mm)
  • Width- 9″ (229mm)
  • Height:9″ (229mm)
  • Ground Clearance- 2.7″ (68mm)
  • Weight- 4.65lbs (2.1kg)

Axial has this vehicle listed at $299.99, which is a steal for an RTR model.

Learn more about the SCX10 Deadbolt at

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