Schumacher Cougar “Laydown” 2WD Competition Buggy Kit

Schumacher Cougar “Laydown” 2WD Competition Buggy Kit

R/C racers have a new two-wheel drive buggy option to run on a variety of course surfaces. The Schumacher Cougar “Laydown” kit offers a sleek chassis design with a low-center-of-gravity and an array of competition-focused features.

The biggest component of the kit is the 3-gear, laydown-style gearbox with a smaller transmission. This keeps weight low to the ground reduces rotating mass.

The chassis foundation is 2.5mm aluminum and includes wiring channels for your motor’s sensor lead wires. Additional updates include a dual position radio system mount, lightweight steel CVD driveshafts, and threaded spring collars (among others).

The items required to complete the kit build include a 2-channel radio system, motor, steering servo, ESC, tires, pinion gear, batteries (for the buggy and the radio transmitter), and polycarbonate paint.

Schumacher Cougar Laydown Buggy - Side

Schumacher Cougar “Laydown” 2WD Buggy Kit Specs:

  • Length: 395mm
  • Wheelbase: 285mm
  • Width: 250mm

The Schumacher Cougar “Laydown” competition buggy kit is priced at $416.69 and is available online through

Image credit: Schumacher