ScalerFab Upgrade Options for the Element RC Enduro Sendero

ScalerFab Upgrade Options for the Element RC Enduro Sendero

Shake-up the look of your ready-to-run rig with these eight bumper and rock slider options.

The Element RC Enduro Sendero is one tough truck right out of the box. Still, there are more than a few ways to make this rig a bulletproof brute. ScalerFab has released a series of bumpers and rock sliders that are geared towards customizing the look and improving the durability of this popular trail machine.

From the front to the rear of your rig, you can change up the look and, in some cases, the performance of your Enduro Sendero with these handcrafted metal upgrades.

ScalerFab Element RC Enduro Full-size Front Bumper



“Full-size” Front and Rear Bumpers

If you like the stock look of the Enduro Sendero but want to cut back on the bumper size “just a bit”, ScalerFab has crafted both front and rear Full-size bumper replacements. Made from steel and available with a variety of finishes and add-ons (shackle mounts, fairlead mounts, stingers, etc.) these bumpers should help freshen up the look of your rig while also reducing some of the “hangup” issues from the stock bumpers.

ScalerFab Element RC Pre-runner Rear Bumper

“PreRunner Series” Front and Rear Bumpers

If you prefer the appearance of your rig to be more utilitarian, ScalerFab has developed a set of front and rear PreRunner bumpers, which feature a tube or bar-style design and offer customization options ranging from finish color, shackle mounts, fairlead mounts, and more.

ScalerFab Element RC Enduro Comp-Style Bull Bar Front Bumper

“Comp-Style” Bull Bar Front Bumper

If your Element RC Enduro Sendero is geared for competition, the Com-style front bumper provides no-frills upgrade option that still offers plenty of functionality. With a narrow design and raised front stinger, this bumper can also be customized with a variety of add-ons and finishes.

ScalerFab Element RC Enduro Incognito Front Bumper

“Incognito” Front Bumper

This low-profile, “barely there” bumper upgrade offers a blend of style and durability for your rig while maintaining a definite “utilitarian” vibe. Available in a variety of finishes and add-on options, the Incognito front bumper offers impressive approach angle performance and the solid construction should keep your rig protected for many outdoor adventures.

ScalerFab Element RC Enduro Rock Sliders

Steel Rock Sliders

If you’re fine with the stock bumpers on your Element RC Enduro but are looking to upgrade your rock sliders, you can easily make that happen with ScalerFab’s two slider options.  Available in full-length or cab-only designs, these rock sliders are sleek options for reducing hangup points for your trail rig.

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Image credit: ScalerFab