Samix Introduces Aluminum and Brass Chassis Upgrades for the Element RC Enduro

Samix Introduces Aluminum and Brass Chassis Upgrades for the Element RC Enduro

While it’s a capable trail truck right out of the box, there are still plenty of ways to optimize the performance of your Element RC Enduro Sendero or Trail Walker. Samix has grown its Element RC upgrade list with the addition of new aluminum and brass bumper mounts and battery trays.

Designed for improved durability and appearance, these upgrades are a great way to either trim or add weight to your ready-to-run (RTR) or custom-built Enduro kit.

Samix Aluminum and Brass Element RC Front Bumper Mounts


Lightweight and with a splash of color, the two Samix Aluminum Front Bumper Mount ($25.54) options from Samix allow you to replace your stock bumper mounts with ease. Available in either black or blue, these mounts feature an anodized finish and include all necessary mounting hardware.


If your upgrade goals include optimizing weight distribution, the Samix Brass Front Bumper Mount ($34.83) is an easy way to apply extra front-mounted weight to the chassis of your Enduro. Not only does the black and gold finish of this mount look sharp, but it will also add 98g of weight to your rig for improved crawling performance.

Samix Aluminum and Brass Element RC Adjustable Battery Trays


For even more up-front weight, Samix offers up an Aluminum Front-mounted, Adjustable Battery Tray ($34.83). Designed to fit both NiMh and LiPo battery packs, this battery tray helps to lower the center-of-gravity on your rig while shifting as much weight forward as possible.


If you favor brass over aluminum, Samix has also introduced a Brass Front-mounted Adjustable Battery Tray ($42.57). Not only does this battery tray offer the same benefits as the aluminum version, but it also provides an additional 176g of front-mounted weight to your trail truck. Both the aluminum and brass battery trays include mounting hardware.

Visit to see their complete lineup of Element RC upgrades and option parts. For even more add-ons for the Element RC Enduro, visit my Upgrades & Hop-up list.

Image credit: Samix