Rolling Works of Art: Custom Tamiya Exhibition

Rolling Works of Art: Custom Tamiya Exhibition

You know the feeling. You either get a new car, or you’re thinking about getting a new car (of the 1:1 variety) and it seems that you only see those makes/models on the road. The same can be said for R/C vehicles, I suppose. You buy a specific model and you begin to see a slew of articles, photos, and other content around your latest purchase.

I guess that’s what I’ll chalk my recent Tamiya-focused find up to. While browsing my newsfeed last week, I came across a throwback article focused on an art exhibition that took place in 2015. Tamiya X featured creations which had been dreamt up by 16 individual artists, each with various backgrounds. The exhibit was organized by designer Jun Watanabe.

Vehicles such as The Grasshopper, the Hot Shot, and the Lunchbox served as the canvas for these unique pieces of art. No two vehicles were alike and each had their own story to share.

A Selection of Work from Tamiya X

Tamiya X Art 4

Tamiya X Art 3

Tamiya X Art 2

Tamiya X - Art 1

As you can see, some of these vehicles are easy to recognize. Others, however, take on a dramatic life of their own. While I love the artistic medium used in these pieces, what I enjoy even more are the lengths at which each piece is different.

If anything, this exhibit serves as a shining example of how the R/C hobby can serve as a playground for the imagination as well as a platform for unique creations.

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Image credit: Jun Watanabe