Roll to Victory with PROTOform’s New VTA Tires

Roll to Victory with PROTOform’s New VTA Tires

PROTOform has been a well-known name in the R/C hobby for many years. Their racing and competition-focused bodies are beautiful both on and off the track. While their latest product is slightly outside their norm, it should offer up the same level of performance.

Adding to their lineup of performance-driven products, PROTOform has introduced new Vintage Trans-Am (VTA) tires (front and rear) for carpet or asphalt racing and even the occasional trip to your local parking lot. These tires are approved for USVTA racing and are designed to fit HPI’s Vintage wheels (as well as an upcoming VTA wheel from PROTOform).

PROTOform VTA Tires

The front tires measure 26mm in width and the rear rubber measures 31mm wide. Both sets carry a diameter of 64mm and include open cell foam inserts.

Each two-tire set is priced at $15.25 and can be pre-ordered at Visit PROTOform’s website for additional details on these new VTA spec tires.

Image credit: PROTOform