Road Ripper: Maverick QuantumR Flux 4S Street Truck

Road Ripper: Maverick QuantumR Flux 4S Street Truck

HPI has been making noise this year as they’ve re-released a number of their best-selling models, bodies, and more. The HPI-supported “Maverick” brand has also seen a rebirth with a number of refreshed models hitting the scene, including one of their latest, the QuantumR Flux 4S.

This slammed on-road rig features an aggressive pickup truck body (available in three color schemes) that looks ready to rip around parking lots, streets, and more.

The Maverick QuantumR Flux features an array of visual and performance-focused details, including optional scale engine parts, low-profile Tredz Vortex tires, oil-filled and adjustable shocks, and a 2250kv brushless motor that’s capable of handling 4S LiPo power.

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Image credit: Maverick/HPI