Review: Pro-Line 2.2" Hyrax (Predator) R/C Crawler Tires & Pro-Line 2.2" Dual Stage Foam Inserts

By: Tim Gluth

My trip to Axialfest Badlands 2022 earlier this year called for some scrambling and a few favors. Without repeating the intro to my Pro-Line 2.2" Trencher R/C Crawler Tire review, I needed a 1/10-scale rig (or two) for my son and me to run at our first-ever Axialfest event. Thanks to a super-sweet deal from Horizon Hobby, I was able to secure two RR10 Bombers and had plenty of money left over for a few upgrades. Wanting to roll into this year's event in style, I reached out to the fine folks at Pro-Line and they hooked me up with a set of 2.2" Hyrax (Predator compound) Tires and 2.2" Dual Stage Foams for our second Bomber. Let's take a closer look at how these tires and foam inserts perform and what they could do for your 1/10-scale R/C crawler.

Hands-on with Pro-Line's 2.2" Hyrax (Predator Compound) R/C Crawler Tires

My go-to tire upgrade for almost any of my R/C crawlers has been and continues to be Pro-Line's Predator compound. No matter the tread design or tire size, the sticky, flexible tire compound offers seemingly endless grip, making it an excellent choice for just about any application. When you add in the ultra-aggressive styling that Hyrax tires offer, you get a combination that's almost impossible to beat.

While you may think that "standard" 2.2" wheels and tires that arrive on most rock crawlers and rock bouncers are large, Pro-Line manages to go one better with the size of their XL tire sets. Measuring 5.75" tall, Pro-Line's 2.2" Hyrax easily eclipse the stock tires on the Bomber, which gave me a bit of worry regarding the center of gravity. Thankfully, I didn't encounter any additional rollovers when compared to the stock tires on the RR10 Bomber.

Image credit: Horizon Hobby

Hands-on with Pro-Line's 2.2" Dual Stage Rock Crawling Foam Inserts

Depending on your personal preference, you might be one who runs stock tire foams, no-foams, dual-stage foams, or anti-foams. For the most part, I fall in the "stock foams" camp; however, I thought this would be a great opportunity to try out a set of dual-stage foams. If you're not familiar, dual-stage foams consist of two pieces of foam that are typically made from different materials that offer two levels of firmness.

Pro-Line's Dual Stage foams have a softer outer foam that allows for tire flex and an inner foam layer that is much more firm and prevents sidewall roll.

Performance Impacts

My son's Modelers' Brigade RR10 Bomber made its Axialfest Badlands debut during the opening night "fun run." The introductory trail was set up to offer a variety of challenges for attendees of any skill level. This was the first time my son or I had encountered a true "crafted" trail with gates, so it took us a minute to get our bearings. Once he got it figured out, my kiddo took to hitting gates like a seasoned pro. It was a proud moment from my perspective.

While his performance was admirable, I was also impressed by how the Hyrax tires and dual-stage foams were holding up. The aggressive tread pattern helped the Modelers' Brigade Bomber up and over almost all of the obstacles (although there was one that threw us for a loop). With the first run in the books, it was time to test these tires on a true Axialfest trail the following day.

Over the next few days, our Hyrax-equipped Bomber saw more than its fair share of mud, rocks, logs, and man-made challenges. There weren't many things that threw the Bomber off course, save for some super-thick muck. But even then, it was able to inch its way through, thanks to a little patience and those tires. The combo of Hyrax tires and dual-stage foams made this rig a juggernaut, and it really opened my eyes as we attempted to tackle an SCX6-focused trail. There were a few snags, but it came out the other side running strong.

What's the Verdict?

Whether you're someone who has the "urge to upgrade" and you run 2.2" wheels and tires on your R/C crawler or rock racer, then I highly suggest Pro-Line's Hyrax Predator tires. When paired with Pro-Line's Dual Stage Foams, these tires get even better (if you can believe that). The hard inner foam ensures the soft sidewalls of the Hyrax don't flex too much, allowing for improved side hill and departure performance. Take it from me; this tire and foam combo is a must-have.

Pro-Line's 2.2" Hyrax (Predator) R/C Crawler Tires are priced at $33.99 per pair and are available from Horizon Hobby, Pro-Line, and their dealers. Visit to order a set for your rig today.

Pro-Line's 2.2" Dual Stage Foam R/C Crawler Tire Inserts are priced at $23.99 per pair and are available from Horizon Hobby, Pro-Line, and their dealers. Visit to order a set today.

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