Review: New Bright R/C Frenzy X-10 Brushless Stadium Truck

Review: New Bright R/C Frenzy X-10 Brushless Stadium Truck

When the New Bright R/C Frenzy X-10 arrived on my doorstep late last year, I was excited to see how a brushless-powered “toy-grade” radio-controlled truck would hold up, both to my expectations and against other hobby-grade speed machines. After some intense testing and overall fun, this truck has proven what it can do, and how it stacks up to the competition.

New Bright R/C Frenzy X-10 Specs:

  • Length: 19”
  • Width: 11.5“ (wheel-to-wheel)/14” front bumper
  • Radio frequency: 2.4GHz
  • Price: $159.99

What’s Included:

  • 1 New Bright R/C Frenzy 1/10-scale Brushless Stadium Truck
  • 1 2.4GHz R/C controller
  • 1 9.6V Li-Ion battery
  • 1 9.6V Li-Ion battery charger
  • 1 Instruction manual

The Body

When I think of New Bright vehicles, the first feature that comes to mind are their body designs. 99% of the vehicles in their lineup feature hardbodies, beautifully-detailed and durable. The Frenzy X-10 ventures away from this trend as it strives to fit closely with other hobby-grade radio-controlled models.

Made from flexible polycarbonate, the Frenzy body is lightweight, stylish, and for the most part, impact resistant. In my experience with this model, it’s ended up on its roof on more than one occasion, ultimately ending up no worse for wear.

The Tires

The tires on any R/C vehicle play a critical role in how it will perform. No matter if it’s a toy store model or an expertly-built hobby-grade model. If the tires can’t keep up with what’s being thrown at them, your experience will suffer. The biggest drawback to the Frenzy X-10 that I’ve encountered throughout my testing has been…the tires.

While they feature a soft compound and provide adequate takeoff grip, they don’t hold up well after intense driving. My last outing with this machine left the rear tires looking rather rough, almost as if they’d been treated to a “light” cheese grater massage.

The front tires may be the weakest link to the handling performance of this truck. The thin, flexible ribs fold over and cause the Frenzy to understeer, forcing whoever’s driving it to back off the throttle and kill their momentum. Having said that, this truck will do doughnuts and slide like nobody’s business.

The Chassis

The Frenzy X-10’s internal setup is what you’d expect from a radio-controlled stadium truck. Its chassis is a tub-style design and features all of the necessary components needed to power this fun-focused machine. While it’s not specifically designed for adjustment, you should be able to swap out a few items, if you’re feeling adventurous.

The Controller

As you’ll find with most toy-grade R/C controllers, the Frenzy’s transmitter features a design that’s a bit smaller than your traditional hobby-grade model. While it’s slightly scaled-down, it’s not too small to be held by an adult and fits perfectly in the hands of my “test drivers”.

The controller features controls for steering, throttle, and steering trim, making it a basic model that allows you to fine-tune on the fly.

If range is a concern of yours, there’s no need to fear. The 2.4GHz radio system in the Frenzy not only means you can run great distances, but you can also run multiple trucks at the same time. Something that can’t be said for many toy-grade R/C models.

The Motor

At the heart of the New Bright R/C Frenzy X-10 beats a brushless motor, which puts out impressive power with every squeeze of the throttle. While the gearing keeps the top speed at a “manageable” level, this truck is still faster than many of the options that you’ll find on toy store shelves.

The Driving Experience

If I had to sum up my time behind the controller of this truck, it would be; fun and frustrating. While there’s no denying its power, the Frenzy X-10 does have a few handling quirks that have taken some of the joy out of my outings with it. Those quirks are all centered around the tires and their steering grip performance. Setting that aside, I can’t deny that this truck has been a fun vehicle to let loose with.

The massive (and I mean MASSIVE) front bumper not only looks unique, but it goes a long way in protecting this truck during impacts. In fact, the entire vehicle is quite durable, as I’ve managed to jump, spin, flip, and roll this beast multiple times, without any noticeable damage.

The top-end speed isn’t’ on-par with other brushless-powered vehicles, but it’s still fast. Mash the throttle and this truck will take off into the distance much quicker than you might expect. The range provided by its 2.4GHz radio system allows you to venture out quite far without losing contact with the truck. Taking this machine to a large, empty parking lot provided a solid amount of fun.

Looking at the size of the shocks and tires, you’d expect this truck to be sent airborne on more than one occasion. Throughout my testing, both I and my test drivers launched this truck off of a homemade ramp as well as natural embankments multiple times. Each time, the truck took off, flew, and landed without issue. While there may be a few scratches on the underside of the chassis, the vehicle looks as good now as it did coming out of the box.

Is the New Bright R/C Frenzy X-10 the right R/C truck for you?

With all of my reviews, I look at the amount of fun that’s returned for the price of the vehicle. At $159.99, I’ll admit that the Frenzy X-10’s price might be a bit on the high side, especially when you compare it to a few hobby-grade stadium truck models (such as the ARRMA Fazon Voltage or Traxxas Rustler). That said, you’re getting a brushless-powered R/C truck for that price, which has to be worth something extra.

If you’re looking for a radio-controlled vehicle that’s quick, durable, and fun, then the Frenzy is a decent option to check out. No matter the age of the driver, fun is bound to be had with this machine.

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