Review: Expansion RC 3D Printed Steering Wheel

Review: Expansion RC 3D Printed Steering Wheel

As I add more ready-to-run (RTR) R/C vehicles to my collection, I’m faced with the growing issue of identifying which controller belongs to which machine. Thankfully, there are a number of ways to customize and personalize an R/C car transmitter to make it stand out in a crowd.

For owners of Traxxas or Redcat Racing vehicles, one way to tell them apart is by swapping out their steering wheels for a 3D printed replacement. Expansion RC has been cranking out a variety of 3D printed accessories and upgrades for various radio-controlled cars and quadcopters, and their steering wheel replacement options really caught my eye. Installation is simple and it works just as well as the stock piece.

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Upgrade Benefits

When it comes to replaceable parts, the steering wheel on your controller isn’t usually on the top of the list. That said, adding a personal touch to your handset, even a splash of color, can not only make it stand out, but it can also make your controller and vehicle feel like a complete set.

The 3D printed wheels that Expansion RC offers are durable and will stand up to hard turning motions. Whether you run a monster truck, crawler, or drift vehicle, these wheels should be able to take whatever you can dish out.

What you’ll need to complete the installation:

Installing an Expansion RC 3D Printed Steering Wheel

In terms of ease, you’ll have a hard time finding an upgrade that’s easier to install. After removing the screw that holds your stock steering wheel in place, gently pull that wheel off and remove the foam grip. Next, put the foam grip onto the Expansion RC steering wheel, mount the new wheel to your controller, and reattach the screw. Done.

If you’re having trouble picking out your controller amidst a sea of black, these wheels are a great way to set one transmitter apart from the other. Available in a variety of colors and designs, chances are you’ll find one that matches both your R/C machine and your personal taste.

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