Review: ARRMA Fazon Voltage

Review: ARRMA Fazon Voltage

The ARRMA Fazon Voltage was introduced in 2017 and over the past year, it’s become a favorite of mine when I want to get out and just blast around. Budget-friendly and built for fun, it’s hard to beat the value that this vehicle provides. Fun aside, the real secret to this vehicle is the battery compatibility. Not only can you run a standard NiMh or LiPo pack, but adding (or subtracting) Lithium-Ion cells can extend runtime and power.

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ARRMA Fazon Voltage Specs:

  • Length: 401mm / 15.79″
  • Wheelbase: 285mm / 11.22″
  • Ride Height: 34mm / 1.34″
  • Front Width: 325mm / 12.8″
  • Rear Width: 325mm / 12.8″
  • Height: 151mm / 5.94″
  • Motor: Brushed, 20-turn 540-size
  • Price: $99.99

ARRMA Fazon Voltage Studio Front

What’s in the Box:

  • 1 ARRMA Fazon Voltage 1/10-scale Speed Truck, Ready-to-Run (RTR)
  • 1 Trigger-style, two-channel radio transmitter
  • 2 3.7V Lithium-Ion (LiOn) batteries
  • 1 USB LiOn charging cradle and charging adapter.
  • 1 Instruction Manual
  • Multiple shock adjustment rings and a multi-tool (wheel wrench, driver)

The Body

The Fazon’s muscle car-style body is one that I’ve been an admirer of since it was introduced on the ⅛-scale Fazon BLX. While it may look a bit out of place atop a stadium truck chassis, it’s low profile and sharp lines make you forget about that unusual pairing in a heartbeat. Put simply, it looks fast whether on the shelf or at full speed.

The body is also quite durable. Not that I drive in search of obstacles, it’s more that obstacles find me…at least that’s the story I’m running with. This truck has withstood major damage from multiple flips and impacts and still looks as good as the day I pulled it out of the box.

ARMA Fazon Voltage Studio - Chassis Front


The Chassis

As chassis designs go, there isn’t anything on the Fazon Voltage that you won’t need. Despite its wide stance, the core of the chassis is very narrow, which keeps the electronics arranged in a neat and tidy order. Most of the chassis layout is dedicated to the body tray, which is accessed through a side-loading compartment. Capable of handling a variety of battery types (more about that in a moment) there is ample room to install your favorite type of battery, plug it in, and have a blast.

On the handling and performance end, the Fazon Voltage features beefy, oil-filled shocks that, out of the box, are set up to absorb impressive impacts. Adjustment rings can be added or removed to fine-tune your handling feel, however, I don’t have any complaints with the stock ring arrangement.

The steering and suspension arms at the front and back are all made from durable nylon, providing both rigidity for performance and flexibility for impact absorption. Impact resistance is also a key feature of this R/C vehicle, whether intended or not. My Fazon Voltage had an unplanned meeting with a light pole and suffering only minor damage. While this isn’t an indicator for how it will fare after every crash or mishap, I feel that it speaks to the overall durability of this and other ARRMA models.

The Fazon Voltage’s wide stance makes it incredibly stable so you can slide, spin, and drift for days without the worry of flipping over. When this buggy gets airborne, all bets are off, but when all four wheels are on the ground, they tend to stay that way.

ARMA Fazon Voltage Studio - Rear Tire Close

The Tires and Wheels

This speed truck rolls on dBoots tires and I must say they hold up to abuse very well. When I’m not blasting through grass or over jumps, the Fazon Voltage is extremely fun to do doughnuts and slides with. The rear tires allow quite a bit of wheelspin on initial takeoff, however, they quickly gain traction and help this machine get to where it needs to go.

The front tires, with their ribbed tread pattern, perform very well under high-speed cornering conditions and don’t have too much understeer. After thrashing on both the front and rear tires over the past year, they continue to hold up well and have plenty of tread life left in them.

ARMA Fazon Voltage Studio - Suspension Close

The Motor

Although it’s paired with a brushed motor, the Fazon Voltage is quite quick on a fully-charged pair of LiOn cells. Mash the throttle and you’ll instantly spin the rear tires and begin your journey into fun. It’s not as snappy as a brushless-powered vehicle, but I honestly don’t feel that it lacks for power.

ARMA Fazon Voltage Studio - Controller 2

The Controller

As RTR controllers go, the ATX-101 that’s paired with both Voltage models is a solid piece of equipment. Lightweight and sleek, it features enough controls and adjustment knobs to let you dial in the steering and throttle performance without going overboard. At no time during my adventures with this model did I find myself fumbling around for the right adjustment knob.

ARMA Fazon Voltage Studio - Batteries


The Battery Options

While the ARRMA Fazon Voltage might look like a run-of-the-mill basher on the outside, the multiple battery options that it allows for really make this vehicle shine. With its two standard 3.7v LiOn cells, this machine can wring out some impressive run time and power. However, you can build onto that power by adding up to six individual LiOn cells to not only extend your runtime but also boost your performance.

If you prefer to run NiMh or LiPo packs, this machine has you covered there as well. As long as you have a Deans or Star Plug connector on your battery, you can run it on either of the ARRMA Voltage vehicles. I tend to cycle between various pack types, depending on how long I want to run. Every option worked out well and provided plenty of power, speed, and above all, fun.

ARRMA Fazon Voltage Studio - Side

Is the ARRMA Fazon Voltage Right for You?

When it was first released, both models in the Voltage line were priced at $139.99. For the amount of fun that I’ve had with this vehicle in the time I’ve had it, I’d say that price is well worth the investment. Having said that, things change.

Recently, the price on the Fazon Voltage and Granite Voltage was lowered to $99.99. You read that correctly. Ninety-nine dollars and ninety-nine cents. In my opinion, that’s as close to a “steal” as you’ll find in this hobby.

The multiple battery options, durable chassis, and overall performance that you’ll get out of this R/C buggy are hard to find in many other sub-$100 models. For a go-fast, “have fun” vehicle, the ARRMA Fazon Voltage provides more fun than it’s price tag shows.

ARMA Fazon Voltage Studio - Close Side

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