Refuel Your R/C with the Duratrax Onyx 255 AC/DC Dual Balancing Charger

Refuel Your R/C with the Duratrax Onyx 255 AC/DC Dual Balancing Charger

For those of us with multiple vehicles in their R/C garage, keeping batteries charged up and ready for use can become a chore. A week ago, I added a second single-pack charger to my utility bag/workbench. If you’d rather keep your equipment count to a minimum, Duratrax has a two-output charger that is as compact as it is versatile.

No matter what type of battery you use, the Onyx 255 AC/DC Dual Balancing Charger is capable of charging 2-6S LiPo batteries and 1 to 15-cell NiCd and NiMh batteries. The twin charging ports and setting layouts will ensure your radio-controlled rides have a freshly-charged battery pack in them when you need it the most.

Feature-wise, this charging station uses two back-lit LCD displays, allowing you to keep an eye on the status each battery pack as it charges. There are both visible and audible alerts to signal the end of a charging session and a safety timer is available to avoid overcharging LiPo packs.

Managing settings for a variety of battery packs becomes easy with memory for up to 10 charging routines per output (20 total). The Onyx 255 also features a 6-amp charge rate, saving you time charging so you can have fun with your radio-controlled vehicles.

For general usability, this unit features push-button controls for each output, allowing you to control the charging rate for any battery pack you need to charge. With all of these features, you’re getting an impressive tool to refuel your electric R/C machines.

As for price, this charger ranges between $109.00 and $159.99, depending on where you want to shop. Additional details on the Onyx 255 AC/DC Dual Balancing Charger can be found at

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