REEF’S RC 299:LP Brushless Servo

REEF’S RC 299:LP Brushless Servo

If your next R/C build or upgrade plans call for a slimmed-down servo, REEF’S RC has introduced a new, low-profile model that’s primed for performance. The 299:LP Brushless Servo features a sleek design and packs a punch, thanks to its brushless motor.

The durable case and metal internal gears are complimented by the overall waterproof setup, allowing this servo to handle mud, water, and whatever else the trail might toss your way. Torque ranges from 278oz (@6.0V) to 313oz (@8.4V) with speeds ranging from .07sec (@6.0V) to .057sec (@8.4V).

Reefs RC 299 Low Profile Servo - Sketches

REEF’S RC 299:LP Brushless Servo Specs:

  • Voltage 4.8-8.4
  • Length: 1.6″
  • Width: .79″
  • Height: 1.0
  • Weight: 2.0oz
  • Torque: 278oz @ 6.0v, 299oz @ 7.4v, 313oz @ 8.4v
  • Internal Gearing: Steel Gears
  • Bearing Type: 2BB
  • Speed: .07sec @ 6.0v, .06sec @ 7.4v, .057sec @ 8.4v
  • Spline: 25T

Priced at $109.99, the REEF’S RC 299:LP brushless servo is available through and through REEF’S RC dealer network. Visit to learn more about this low-profile servo.

Image credit: REEF’S RC