Reedy SC480X Brushed Crawler ESC

Reedy SC480X Brushed Crawler ESC

Reedy has announced a new brushed ESC for rock crawling and trail driving. Their SC480X Brushed Crawler ESC is a low-cost yet well-rounded option for those looking for increased tuning and settings options when it comes to trail-time adventures.

The ESC has a low profile and shallow heatsink fins, which should allow it to fit into just about any internal crawler configuration. The SC480X is water resistant and dust-proof, allowing you to take your next outdoor adventure to the extreme.

When paired with the SC480X Program Card ($11.99), the SC480X offers additional adjustments for braking and throttle functions. This ESC includes bullet connetors for the motor hookup and dual auxilliary leads for powering items such as LED lights and winches.

Priced at $21.99, the Reedy SC480X Brushed Crawler ESC will be available directly from Associted Electrics and through your favorite Reedy dealers. Visit to learn more about this R/C crawler accessory.

Image credit: Associated Electrics