Redcat Racing Announces the GEN8 P.A.C.K (Pre-Assembled Chassis Kit)

Redcat Racing Announces the GEN8 P.A.C.K (Pre-Assembled Chassis Kit)

Do you want to hit the trail with your own, customized R/C rig? For those who prefer the DIY route when it comes to selecting a new radio-controlled model, Redcat Racing has announced the GEN8 P.A.C.K. (Pre-Assembled Chassis Kit).

While this offers hobbyists an opportunity to pair their favorite electronics, wheels, tires, and body with a chassis platform that’s growing in popularity (the GEN8), this option streamlines the build process by arriving pre-assembled out of the box. Featuring the same chassis and base components as the ready-to-run (RTR) GEN8, this kit option gives you the freedom to customize a variety of elements before you take it out on the trail.


Priced at $199.99 $169.99, the Redcat Racing GEN8 P.A.C.K. will be available at the end of February (2019) through both Redcat Racing and their many dealers. To keep up on the latest news concerning this kit, visit the Redcat Racing GEN8 Facebook Group and

Image credit: Redcat Racing