Recharged and Refreshed: ARRMA’s Granite Voltage Mega Monster Truck

Recharged and Refreshed: ARRMA’s Granite Voltage Mega Monster Truck

ARRMA has rolled out a refreshed, 2-wheel drive Granite Voltage Monster Truck. Introduced a few years ago, the Voltage line offers the ability to run multiple battery types and wraps it in a durable, fun-to-drive package.

While 99% of this model hasn’t changed from the original, it now offers EC3 battery connectors and the ability to accept Spektrum SMART batteries without any additional adapter.


Whether you want to run NiMh or LiPo, this truck can handle both. Included in this ready-to-run (RTR) package are a 1800mah, 7.2V NiMh battery pack and wall charger, letting you get up to speed quickly.

There’s no mention of LiIon battery compatibility, which was one hallmark of the original Granite (and Fazon) Voltage models. The 2019 refresh brings three body graphics options to the table (red/blue, blue/black, and red/black), so choosing one that fits your style shouldn’t be too hard.

2019 ARRMA Granite Voltage Specs:

  • Length: 16.46″ (418mm)
  • Height: 7.4″ (188mm)
  • Width: 13.39″ (340mm)
  • Wheelbase: 11.22″ (285mm)


Priced at only $99.99, the ARRMA Granite Voltage is a great vehicle for cutting loose and enjoying the hobby. Visit to learn more about this radio-controlled monster truck.

Image credit: ARRMA