RCTech Battles Offers a Unique Look at R/C Racing

RCTech Battles Offers a Unique Look at R/C Racing

Taking a “stock” item and putting your own spin on it is at the very core of the R/C hobby. No matter what type of vehicle you own, whether or not it’s a ready-to-run (RTR) or a kit that you build yourself, the ability to give it a custom look and feel is what appeals to many people.

When you take that spirit of customization and build a racing series around it, featuring onboard camera views, similar vehicles, all in the name of fun, you get RCTech Battles.

RCTech Battles Ready to Roll

With a number of racing series centered around radio-controlled cars, that have made a name for themselves, RCTech Battles has a different feel to it. Mainly, because it is different.

Established with a primary goal of creating the first online R/C competition, this “series” was developed as a way for two brothers to have fun and, ultimately, create an entertaining platform to build on.

The two R/C enthusiasts behind RCTech Battles, Benjamin (BTRC) and Wesley (RCKing) serve as the primary racers and announcers for the series. They are quick to point out, however, that their field of teams quickly expanded once word of this project spread through their family.

RCTech Battles

Benjamin’s two nephews were added to the lineup, providing the four-team arrangement that you’ll currently see on RCTech Battles.

Meet the Teams of RCTRace

  • Team Benji
  • Team Xray-Alpha
  • Team PriceLess
  • Team Excellent

Benjamin and his brother have a created a unique structure for this series as well. The primary piece of content is RCTRace. This is a competition that is spread out over four weeks, with each driver accumulating points during each race. At the end of week four, a champion is crowned and the points are reset.

A Project of Evolution

The RCTech team isn’t one to rest on their laurels. They invite feedback and format ideas from their viewers and have been updating their existing competition formats as they’ve grown.

Their newest sub-series is RCTTournament, a three-day, three-part event that kicks off Fridays and Saturdays with semifinal racing and wraps up on Sunday with the final. Each semifinal segment is a “best of three” setup, with the final being a “best of five” feature.

RCTech Battles

The Vehicles of RCTRace and RCTTournament

When it began, the RCTech series drivers used Vaterra on-road R/C cars during competition. Since their first race in January 2016, that fleet of vehicles has expanded to include Losi, YellowRC, and soon, HPI drift cars.

Covering Every Angle of On-track Activity

The unique format of the RCT series doesn’t just end with the races or the tournament styles. All of the on-track racing action is displayed not only from a whole-track view, but also from FPV-mounted cameras on the cars themselves. Often using a split-screen format to display a race from start to finish, you can watch what’s taking place on the track from a high level, as well as getting right next to the action as the cars beat and bump their way around the track.

Experience the Action of RCTech Battles

I’ve been watching this series grow and it has been quite fun to see the various directions that it has taken to get where it is today. Above all, I love that a group of hobbyists has taken their love for radio-controlled cars and has created something that people, at any age or interest level, can enjoy.

If you want to check out RCTech Battles for yourself, they have numerous ways to get up to speed:

From a R/C fan standpoint, I love seeing this type of creativity and passion being put into a project. The growth that RCTech Battles has seen over the last 10 months has been amazing and I’m looking forward to seeing where Benjamin and Wesley take this series in the years to come.

Image credit: RCTech Battles