The RC Newb Podcast - Episode 25: Piecing Together the 3D Printing Puzzle

By: Tim Gluth
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I have long felt that one of the greatest tech advancements that has come along in the last 2+ years has been 3D printing. Whatever you can dream up, draw up, or create a concept of, you can build a tangible model of that item, or create parts and pieces to improve a ready-made product. The possibilities are truly endless. Now, take that power of creation and marry it to a hobby that thrives on ingenuity and creativity and you have an intersection between a technology and past-time that is a perfect fit. While still a young idea, you'll find 3D-printed radio-controlled accessories, components, and add-ons in almost every aspect of the hobby today. Joining me to discuss this trend, as well as his own experiences generating parts and pieces, is my good friend, Josh Howard.

Show notes:

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