RC Newb Podcast – Episode 2: An Empty Shelf (Life)

We’re back with another episode, but nothing much has changed.  No intro music, no r/c truck and more ideas than I know what to do with.  So what does a person do when their radio-controlled vehicle is in the shop? They come up with a list of upgrades and hop-ups!

  • Bodies – This is an easy visual enhancement.  You can really make the vehicle your own with a custom body.
  • Springs and Shocks – A simple and relatively low-cost performance upgrade for bashing or racing.
  • Tires & Wheels – Performance meets visual appeal.  If you’re thinking about hitting the track, keep an eye on what your competitors are running.
  • Undertrays and Overtrays – Protect your electronics and servos from battle damage by bolting on an added shield.
  • Sway bars and other chassis upgrades – Dial in your performance and handling whether you’re bashing or racing.
  • Motor and Electronic Speed Control (ESC) – The ultimate performance boost.  These will cost the most money, but you’ll get the biggest return in the form of speed.
  • Radios, servos, and receivers – With a little ingenuity (and a lot of money) you can rebuild your entire vehicle.  It’s been done.

I’ve also found some great sites that offer amazing deals on r/c parts and accessories.  Here are a few of my favorites:

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