RC Newb Podcast – Episode 11: All in the Family

RC Newb Podcast – Episode 11: All in the Family

Nothing makes this hobby more exciting than having people to share it with.  I am joined by Josh Howard and special guest, John Bernard Jr. for this episode where we discuss how our families are involved in the hobby, and in what ways (if any) they share our passion for these scale vehicles.

Show notes:

  • View footage from the tracks that John races at on his YouTube channel.
  • A flurry of small-scale R/C cars have recently been announced by ECX, Dromida, and Redcat Racing.  What do you think of these new vehicles?
  • Josh is planning something big in the coming months. Looks like he’ll be needing a larger garage.
  • I make an awkward Breaking Bad/Walter White reference. Typical.
  • My oldest son makes a special guest appearance to share his thoughts on why R/C cars are so awesome.

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