R/C Hobbyist Spotlight: RC Overload (Matt Waterfield)

R/C Hobbyist Spotlight: RC Overload (Matt Waterfield)

I have been a longtime fan of Matt Waterfield’s YouTube channel, RCOverload, for a variety of reasons. First off, he does an excellent job building various kits and customizing his radio-controlled machines with detail and skill. What may impress me even more is how he approaches some of his run and review videos.

Not only does he capture some great R/C car action footage, but he will also take time in-between scenes to explain what upgrades or changes he has made to his vehicle and how that affects the handling, performance, or overall appearance of the machine. It is this attention to detail as well as the understanding that his viewers may be new to the hobby or looking to get into it for the first time, that I appreciate and can appreciate.

Here is a small sample of a few of the videos and build series that you’ll find on RC Overload.

Check out RCOverload.com for Matt’s latest build, upgrade, and radio-controlled action videos.

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