R/C Buyer’s Guide: ECX

R/C Buyer’s Guide: ECX

No matter what stage of the game you’re in, if you’re looking for a durable, dependable, and overall well-built radio-controlled vehicle to drive around and have fun with, you want to buy something that will last and be worth your while.  As my collection of R/C machines has grown over the years, I’ve been able to drive and own a few vehicles from ECX.  While you won’t see many these cars and trucks competing in major racing events, you will find them in many popular bashing spots and backyards. Being budget-friendly and durable, the entire lineup from ECX is one that you should look at if you’re interested in letting loose and having a great time.

Covering a wide array of scales (from 1/36 – 1/8), you’ll have to look hard to find a radio-controlled, ready-to-run (RTR) machine that isn’t offered by ECX.  With prices that range from $35 (1/36 scale) to $399 (1/8 scale), these vehicles are hard to beat from a “price to play” standpoint.

The Machines in ECX’s Lineup

Circuit Stadium Truck – 1/10

Amp Monster Truck – 1/10 (RTR & Kit)

Amp Desert Buggy – 1/10

Temper Rock Crawler – 1/24 & 1/18

Boost Buggy – 1/10

Revenge Type E Buggy (1/8)

Kickflip Buggy (2014/15) – 1/36

See our review of the ECX Kickflip 1/36-scale radio-controlled micro buggy.

Kickflip Desert Truck (2015) – 1/36

BeatBox Monster Truck – 1/36

See our review of the ECX BeatBox 1/36-scale radio-controlled micro monster truck. 

Outburst Motorcycle – 1/14

Barrage 1.9 Scaler – 1/12

The Upgrades and Hop-ups for ECX R/C Vehicles 

If you’re concerned that a budget RTR radio-controlled vehicle won’t let you tinker and boost performance, fear not. Not only does ECX offer a variety of upgrade parts and options, but there are a number of third-party vendors that provide these components as well.

ECX Hop-ups and Optional Parts

Third-party Aftermarket Hop-ups for ECX Radio-Controlled Vehicles

Check out the full line of ECX vehicles at ecxrc.com.  If you’re an Amazon shopper, check out the full array of ECX machines there as well, and possibly save a little money on these already wallet-friendly radio-controlled rigs.