PROTOform’s Ultra-sleek Turismo 190mm Touring Car Body

PROTOform’s Ultra-sleek Turismo 190mm Touring Car Body

PROTOform has released a new 190mm touring car body that’s sleek, swoopy, and downright sexy. Their Turismo Touring Car Body is designed for on-road racing applications and brings an array of competition-minded features to the track.

With an appearance that mimics exotic sports cars, the Turismo has a ground-hugging shape which is kicked off by it’s low front nose and carries all the way to the rear end. This low and sweeping design is great for downforce-seekers who crave minimum drag and maximum grip race cars.


A cab-forward configuration assists with cornering approach and stiffening ribs within the wing posts help to prevent body flexing.

This durable, clear polycarbonate body set also includes pre-applied overspray film, window masks, and a detailed decal sheet.


The Turismo 190mm Touring Car Body is priced at $29.71 and will be available online through both and

Image credit: PROTOform

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