Pro-Line’s New Kit is a Real Monster!

Pro-Line’s New Kit is a Real Monster!

After taking on the SCT and buggy genres, Pro-Line is taking a stab at monster trucks with their latest kit, the Pro-MT. Unveiled at iHobby last week, the Pro-MT is a 1/10-scale machine that should give the standard-bearers in the marketplace (Traxxas Stampede, HPI Savage, Team Associated Rival) a run for their money.

Being a kit, you can throw whatever power behind the wheels that you’d like, so you could go brushed or brushless, depending on your preference.  As a stock configuration goes, Pro-Line has given the Pro-MT some very nice features right out of the box:

  • Aluminum chassis
  • Performance HD transmission
  • PowerStroke Shocks
  • Pro-Spline HD Axles
  • Trencher 2.8″ tires, mounted on F-11 wheels

Those are some great parts that you’d typically end up adding onto your stock rig, so having the opportunity to get them at square-one is a nice feature.  In addition, the kit is a well-rounded offering that includes a clear monster truck body, to help you top off your custom creation.

As with most other kits, you’ll need to supply your own motor, electronics, paint, servos, and a few other items.  The Pro-MT is advertised at $389.95 and is available for pre-order at

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Image credit: Pro-Line