Pro-Line Scale Recovery Tow Strap & Duffel Bag

Pro-Line Scale Recovery Tow Strap & Duffel Bag

Be prepared for anything. These are wise words to follow, whether you’re at the track or on the trail. Having the right gear to handle any situation is crucial. For scale R/C adventures and competitions, making sure that gear fits the look and required functionality is a must. To that end, Pro-Line has created a new scale accessory for 1/10-scale trucks and off-road machines to not only help you get out of sticky situations, but also add a bit of visual flair to your rig.

The new Scale Recovery Tow Strap with Duffel Bag is designed to look like a 1:1 tow strap that you’d throw in the back of your truck before heading out for a day on the trail. That same functionality has been worked into this new accessory. Made from a “kinetic strap material”, Pro-Line’s tow strap will provide, in their words, “softer”, more effective towing situations.

Pro-Line Scale Recovery Tow Strap

Visual details such as abrasion wraps and scale hooks not only make the Scale Recovery Tow Strap look authentic, but they also aid in the usefulness of this accessory. If your rig doesn’t have a winch built onto it, this is a handy tool to help “right” an overturned vehicle while steering clear of any “hand of God” interference.

Keeping this tow strap from flailing around in the back of your 1/10 truck or off-roader is a functional and attractive duffel bag. The bag features a Velcro opening to keep it closed when storing the tow strap and also has a retracting key chain loop.

Pro-Line Scale Recovery Tow Strap and Duffel Bag

Priced at $16.96, this scale accessory is available for pre-order at with an expected release date of 1/26/17. Learn more about Pro-Line’s Scale Recovery Tow Strap & Duffel Bag and pick one up before your next outdoor trail adventure.

Image credit: Pro-Line

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