Pro-Line Gladiator Short Course Tires

After having the good great fortune of winning a $100 gift certificate from Pro-Line Racing as part of their 30th Anniversary celebration (more on that later), I wanted to get a few performance upgrades for my Traxxas Slash.  After running through a few shopping cart variations to see what I could get away with, I decided to set myself up with a set of Gladiator Short Course tires (mounted on Renegade wheels), a set of PowerStroke rear shocks, and a pack of Pro-Pulls with body clips.

The tires were the item I went back-and-forth on the most.  My original plan was to get a set of Street Fighters but after a quick chat with Chris, I decided to look at something with more grip.  My stock Slash tires are good all-around tires, but they are causing too much roll when racing on a hard or packed surface.  I thought Trenchers would dig too much when running around on pavement and I’d end up flipping my truck more than I already do.  Then I came across this video from UltimateRC:

After watching that, I had made up my mind to give the Gladiators a shot.  I’m really looking forward to giving the Slash an update, a new look, and (hopefully) a performance boost with these hop-ups.