Pro-Line Releases “Enforcer” Body for AE RC8T3

Pro-Line Releases “Enforcer” Body for AE RC8T3

When it comes to racing, you’ll look for any edge you can get to stay ahead of the competition. If you wheel a Team Associated RC8T3 race truggy, Pro-Line has a new Enforcer Clear Body that will have you looking good and running fast.

This new Enforcer body features design concepts from Ty Tessmanan, including an aggressive, angled front end, swooping roof and bed for enhanced air flow, and a steep hood to increase your front-end downforce, this body can give you the performance boost that you’re looking for from your nitro-fueled radio-controlled racer.

Pro-Line Enforcer Body for Team Associated RC8T3.jpg


  • Brand New Enforcer Styling and Performance
  • From the mind of Ty Tessmann
  • More steering and improved high speed stability
  • Get Faster Lap Times
  • Improved Airflow
  • Be More Competitive
  • Enforcer is also Included with the RC8T3 kit
  • Made from Crystal Clear Genuine GE Lexan®

Priced at $38.95, this R/C body is ready to roll and will let you create a custom look for your radio-controlled racing truggy. Learn more about the new Enforcer clear body for the AE RC8T3 at

Image credit: Pro-Line