Pro-Line Convict Off-road 1/8-scale R/C Buggy Tires

Pro-Line Convict Off-road 1/8-scale R/C Buggy Tires

Pro-Line has released its latest 1/8-scale competition buggy tire, the Convict. Sporting a spaced-out, square-pin style tread, this tire can be used on either the front or rear wheels of your buggy, giving the grip it needs to take on the track.

Part next-generation Fugitive and part spin-off, Pro-Line has designed the Convict to serve as a lightweight option for R/C racers that don’t need an extended lifespan from their tires. With enough tread to get you through qualifying, heats, and mains, these tires aim to offer a performance benefit through their svelte design.

The Convict is available in four compounds, M3 (soft), M4 (super-soft), S3 (soft), and S4 (super-soft). The M-compound tires are ideal for tracks with low bite and offer medium amounts of wear on wet surfaces. The S-compound tires aim to excel on dry and slick tracks and offer a longer lifespan.

Pro-Line Racing Convict 1/8-scale Buggy Tire Specs:

  • Height: 4.42″ (112mm)
  • Width: 1.68″ (43mm)

Priced at $29.95 per pair, Pro-Line’s Convict 1/8-scale buggy tires will be available directly from Pro-Line, Horizon Hobby, and their dealers. Visit to learn more about these competition R/C buggy tires.

Image credit: Pro-Line