Pro-Line Class 1 Hyrax Rock Terrain R/C Truck Tires (1.9″)

Pro-Line Class 1 Hyrax Rock Terrain  R/C Truck Tires (1.9″)

The team at Pro-Line has cooked up another tire option for 1/10-scale R/C trail rigs. Designed for grip performance while retaining scale style, their Class 1 Hyrax G8 Rock Terrain Truck Tires are a great upgrade option for any radio-controlled trail truck running 1.9″ wheels.

As the name implies, these tires are Class 1 legal, allowing them to be used in competitive situations. Even if you’re not participating in a scale comp, these tires should provide improved grip and handling performance.

Pro-Line Class 1 Hyrax 1.9″ Tire Specs

  • Height: 4.19″ (106mm)
  • Height: 4.19″ (106mm)Width: 1.4″ (36mm)

Pro-Line’s Class 1 Hyrax tires are priced at $28.86 per pair, making them an easy upgrade option for your scale radio-controlled trail machine. Learn more about these tires at

Image credit: Pro-Line

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