Pro-Line RC Body Paint: The Candy Set

Pro-Line RC Body Paint: The Candy Set

Pro-Line has released the fifth phase of their RC Body Paint collection, which focuses primarily on “candy” colors and finishes. In their 6-color Candy Set, you’ll find an assortment of eye-popping colors that will give your next radio-controlled creation a deep, rich appearance.

Formulated specifically for airbrush use, these paints are water-based and intended for use on polycarbonate bodies. Not only should they look great right out of the paint booth, but they should stay looking that way after spending time on the track or trail.


The in-bottle photos don’t paint the complete picture of howe beautiful these colors truly are. From the warm, vibrant red and yellow to the cool, deep purple and violet, these colors should make your custom R/C machine a true one-of-a-kind creation.

Here are the colors that you’ll find in Pro-Line’s “Candy Set”:

The 6-color “Candy Set” will be available for purchase soon and is priced at $79.95. Additionally, you can purchase these colors individually, or stock up on your favorite color for $15.95 per bottle. Visit to learn more about this new set of R/C body paints.

Image credit: Pro-Line

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